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Greetings, Drive-in operators and Ozoner fans, one and all!

You have reached the home base (on the internet, at least) for the newest organization to promote drive-in theatres in the Midwest, not only among their owners and operators but also including their FANS! You do not have to live in the Midwest US (or operate a drive-in there) to join the Drive-In Theatre Alliance (DITA) but that is the regional focus of this group. An alliance amongst owners/operators, an alliance amongst drive-in fans, and an alliance between the operators and the fans: the Drive-In Theatre ALLIANCE! Welcome!

Latest Drive-In Owner News!

10/25/05 Jim Goble, owner, of the Starlite Drive-In in Wichita, KS, is inviting outdoor theatre operators to attend a "Fall Gathering" at his ozoner on November 11th and 12, 2005. Mr. Goble is a member of the drive-in owners group known as the United Drive-In Theatre Owners of America (UDITOA) and it has been the practice of one of their members to hold a gathering in the late fall, after most drive-ins have closed for the season. The event promises to offer interesting conversation, a demonstration of the Starlite's new Technalite system, discussions on some of the theatre's policies and operations that are sure to leave the visitor with much more to think about and consider at his/her own theatre next season. If interested, contact Jim at:

Starlite Drive-in
3900 S. Hydraulic
Wichita, Ks 67216
(316) 524-2424

Latest News for Drive-In Fanatics!

10/25/05: Have you considered getting active in organizing some fan meets in the midwest? The Midwestern states involved cover Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, S. Dakota, N. Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Northern Illinoisan Ed Rubeck, driving his classic '56 Olds, would love to help out. We need fans in all of the above states to join us! Email us for information:

Drive-In Owners/Operators/Managers/Employees!

Check out the Drive-In Theatre Alliance chat to all members of DITA but particularly focused on issues regarding theatre operations: promotions, concessions, booking, etc. We each can learn a little and offer a help each other out. Drop us an email below and include your name and theatre (favorite theatre, if you are a fan) and we'll get you signed up.

Drive-In Operators Chat List

Sprocket Sounds always looking for stories!

Do you have any news to report about your theatre? How about a fan's report about a favorite location? Maybe you are a drive-in HUNTER, trying to find any tidbits about a drive-in that's long gone...or you might have some old photos or images and stories to share with us about the remains of a dead drive-in you've seen. Please share it with the rest of us...we're always looking for more information about the history of drive-in theatres. Drop us an email at the link to the lower right and someone will get in touch with you asap!

Tee-Shirt for Fanatics

Perfect for the drive-in fan you know (or are). This tee tells the drive-in operator that you are ready for intermission (and he better have a good show, eh?). Hopefully, intermission means some classic old concession ads of limp french fries and green pizza...maybe some Buttercup popcorn with some refreshing, ice cold, Coca-Cola. Even if the food in the ads appear tasteless, show off your GOOD taste by wearing one of these 100% cotton tees, bright red image on a light blue tee. Sizes S-XL are $8.00, 2X is $9.00, 3X is $10.00. Please add $3.00 shipping per order, regardless of the number of shirts you order. Send checks (made payable to "Justin West") to: Justin West, 14 SE 1st Street, Galva, Illinois 61434

Email DITA direct!